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Black Pot Mojo on the Road!

I’m back on the road again reading and discussing Shotgun Lullabies and “Black Women & the Marvelous Real” at Smith College‘s Working Writers forum, exploring how to apply a fiction writer’s craft and plotting skills to real-world and science fictional emergency planning at “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” the USMA’s 66th SCUSA conference at West Point (think Ebola and the Zombie apocalypse), and celebrating generational wisdom and the power of belief at Skepticon 7 in Springfield, Missouri.

So yes, I’m dusting off of the travelin’ shoes until Thanksgiving, when I’ll see home again!  Be well!

Working Writers Sheree Thomas Smith College Fall 2014

WorkingWriters Sheree Thomas Fall2014R2 Smith College poster



I’m putting on my travelin’ shoes and will be reading and giving a writer’s talk at the historic Hammonds House Museum in Atlanta on Thursday, August 14, 6 pm and will be at Onyxcon VI on Saturday, August 16.  If you’re in the area, come out and join me. It should be fun and the museum’s collection looks amazing. I’m especially excited to see my friends, including writer Ronda Racha Penrice, and meet the staff, see some quilts, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the work by Dark Matter: Reading the Bones cover artist, Daniel Minter.

With many thanks to artists and conference founders Joseph Wheeler III, Iyabo Shabazz of Onyxcon VI and the wonderful folks at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on historic Sweet Auburn Avenue. Wishing them all the best with their renovations.

Sheree @ Hammonds House Museum



08 AARL Events Sheree in Atlanta

4 thoughts on “Events & Appearances

  1. Hi Sheree – I host a podcast called The Infinite Monkey Book Club Podcast with my co-hosts Alan Rader and Sylvia Cottrell. It is a brand new podcast and we only have one episode right now. We basically just talk about science fiction books and how they are relevant today. Currently we are reading post-apocalyptic works, and our next podcast will be talking about Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” and Octavia Butler’s “Dawn.” I saw that you and Walidah Imarisha edited Octavia’s Brood and me and my co-hosts would really like to have you on our second episode as a guest to discuss these two books and their motivations, assumptions, arguments, and how those play out in the context of the modern world. We are recording our next episode on 5/22, and would be very happy to have you on.


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